Practical Accounting Training at Universal Experts Center (Deadline: 24 April 2021)


🏘️ About the Organization and Training Details

Organization Description 

Universal Experts center is one of the leading private training institutions in Rwanda. It was incorporated in 2016 to provide unparalleled opportunities for learning and professional advancement in Accountancy, Finance, Auditing and other different areas of Management together with their real world application to serve varying customers. The institution is committed to enhance intellectual growth by providing excellent services in a collaborative culture that enables our clients to exploit their potential.

We dream to shape professional practitioners through our varying on job practical training that quickly equip fresh graduates with real world experience. We are a team of Finance experts, Auditors, Certified Public accountants and management experts dedicated to train human capital that the world needs most.

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📋 Training Description

To be a good accountant, you do not only need accounting qualifications but also hands-on experience in the works of an accountant. Universal Experts center has partnered with a number of Financial Consultants to conduct hands-on training for financial accountants in Applied Accounting Practice. Our training programs are designed to make you job-ready. All the training is delivered on a One to One basis and is Hands-On. You will work on Real Company Files under the supervision of Qualified Accountants.

With the right skills and practical experience in accounting, you would be able to fast track your career in the Accountancy field, and precisely that’s where we can fill the gap. At Universal Experts center, our intensive Accounting training programs include all the skills required to fast track your career in the accountancy profession starting from general bookkeeping with accounting software up to the generation and analysis of financial statements.

Target Participants

Participants should be: 

  • Graduates or students of Professional accounting courses such as CPA, ACCA, CIFA, CAT, ATD etc.
  • University accounting graduates
  • Accounting diploma holders
  • Non experienced Accountants
  • Others non-finance people with interests in Accounting

Course outline

  1. Filing and control documents preparation
  2. Maintain proper books of accounts both manually and electronically
  3. Performing a self-review to correct errors
  4. Preparing financial statements understandable to non- financial managers
  5. Ensuring compliancy with all statutory requirements
  6. Manage the accounting function appropriately
  7. Preparation and accounting of Payroll
  8. Stock Management
  9. Fixed Assets Management
  10. Accounting and declaration of essential taxes (VAT,CIT,PAYE,Pension,Maternity,WHT-15%,WHT-30%,CBHI etc..)
  11. Application of selected accounting standards
  12. Computerized accounting with different accounting software
  13. Manufacturing(Assembly and Stocking)
  14. Analysis of Financial statements
  15. Preparing budgets and different forecasts

Training outcome

After successfully attending our training you will start your duties in Accountancy in the following ways:

  1. Posting supplier invoices and expense forms
  2. Posting Customer invoices and expense forms
  3. Recording credit notes
  4. Processing bank payments and receipts
  5. Dealing with different currencies
  6. Bank transfers
  7. Bank reconciliation
  8. Entries of Bank and Petty cash transactions into the accounting system
  9. Preparing month end reconciliations
  10. Preparing VAT returns and submit to the Revenue Authority
  11. Journal Entries – Accrual and prepayments
  12. Preparing payroll
  13. Depreciation, Loan interest and Reversals
  14. Profit and loss account, Balance Sheet
  15. Self-Assessment

💼 Job Specification

Duration and Training fee

Our training fee is 150,000 Rwf per individual for the entire period of 30 days of guided training. For large teams and institution-based training, the group price is negotiable.

🌐 More Information and How to Attend this Training

Contacts and Useful links

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Phone number: 0782315216/0784198857

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